My Tattoo Cover Up

I’m 33 years old and I’ve had many tattoos over the years. Unfortunately I’ve already had a tattoo cover up and now I’d even like to cover that up. I made a bad decision and got a terrible tattoo on my right arm and then made an even worse decision and got an even worse tattoo cover up a few months later. Now I’m stuck with a mess of bad tattoos on my arm that are too dark to cover up easily.

tattoo cover up

Hopefully I’ll have results this good!

For many years now I have struggled with embarrassment, being judged by people, and a general feeling of concern about people seeing my tattoos. The thing is, they don’t represent me at all. They’re ugly and poorly done.

When I meet someone and I shake their hand they always look nervously at my tattoos and I get the feeling that they’re making a snap judgement of me in that moment.  I always wonder what they must be thinking of me. Do they think I’m a thug or an ex convict? Do they not trust me? It’s really unfortunate because I’m honestly a soft spoken, kind and friendly person.

It’s especially bad when I’m meeting with people on a professional level. I always have to wear long sleeves to cover up my tattoo even when it’s hot outside. When I meet someone for work I don’t want their first impression of me to be a negative one. Unfortunately my tattoos give people a negative impression. The only option I have is to cover them up and let people get to know me before they see my tattoos.

I know that even if I just had a tattoo cover up that was better art I would feel more confident letting people see my arm. I could feel comfortable again in a t-shirt around strangers and family members. It would feel so liberating.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching my options and I see that there are actually a lot of possibilities that can help me. I’d love to just get a tattoo cover up with some new, better artwork but my existing tattoos are too dark. I realize that I need to lighten my tattoo first and there are a few options for that.

Laser tattoo removal is the most definite way to remove a tattoo but it is very expensive and also very painful. It can leave scarring and takes a long time to work. I’ve done a lot of research about laser tattoo removal and you can read about it here if you want.

There are many tattoo fading creams on the market but they get mixed reviews. Some people swear by tattoo removal cream for at home tattoo removal. Tattoo removal cost is very high and creams, while not cheap, are still the most affordable option that I’ve found. I have tried several tattoo fading creams and have written some tattoo removal cream reviews here to help you find the best ones.

I am skeptical about a removal cream getting rid of my dark tattoo completely but I think they can lighten it enough to make it possible to do a tattoo cover up.

I really hope that something out there really does work so that I can share it with everyone here. I know exactly how it feels to have a tattoo that you don’t like. Hopefully I can do the research for you and help you to get rid of yours too.

That’s why I wanted to create this site. I want to document my search for the best tattoo cover up options and share with everyone what I find and how well it works for me. You can follow me over the next few months if you’d like and see how I do!

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